Blue Tulip Action

Special campaign for retrofitting

Especially for retrofitting trailing shoes on smaller tankers Bomech offers you the following action:

Bomech Blue Tulip Edition 7,5 M for €19.890,-
End customer discount ± € 4.000,-

Blue Tulip Edition 9,0 M for: €20.770,-
Blue Tulip Edition 10,5 M for: €22.120,-

A delivered machine of the Blue Tulip action is to be recognized by the tulip in the name plate in the arms of the trailing shoe distributor.
Prices ex works, excl. VAT.
Prices without mounting to the tanker.

Included are the following options:
– Bomech E-Control sequence control
– Attachment console
– Transportation support with console
– LED lighting kit with warning shields
– Transport locking
– Hose set in trailing shoe distributor
– Alrena precision macerator
– Completely pre-assembled

Control Options
These trailing shoe distributors are equipped with the Bomech E-Control sequence control as a standard. For a control which runs on load sensing, you can choose the I-Control, surcharge only € 1.250,-. Further information about the control options can be found HERE.

Alrena precision macerator
The trailing shoe distributors from the Blue Tulip Action are equipped with Alrena precision macerators, as standard. The Alrena precision macerators have the best lateral distribution: „The new slurry distributor from Alrena achieved the best results in terms of distribution accuracy. The relative deviation is less than 2.5%.“ (Profi magazine, January 2018).


– The Blue Tulip Edition is a limited edition and can be recognized by the tulip logo on the name plate of the machine.
– Options ordered outside this action will be charged according to the conditions in force.
– The price does not include transport and mounting to the tanker.
– Bomech is not responsible for the changing ball pressure.
– Bomech is not responsible that the combination complies with the legislation in force.
– The attachment console has a value of ± € 1.000,-. Attachment parts for very light prepared tankers can be surcharged.
– This action only applies to this model, other Bomech products are excluded from this action.