Bomech Trailing Shoe Technology

Optimum fertilization for grassland, cereals and farmland.

The specially designed Bomech Trailing Shoe made from tempered steel combs the plant sideways. The slurry is then deposited directly onto the ground underneath the leaves. This technique allows the plants faster access to nutrients and avoids contamination of the leaves.

The Bomech Trailing Shoe technology with ‘active contact pressure’ of at least 6-10 kg per Trailing Shoe provides optimal nutrition usage to plants. Reducing leaf contamination also improves the quality of the basic feed and boosts the cattle’s feed intake. Once output is complete, the parted plants come together again, thus minimising evaporation and benefitting residents and the environment alike. This is what we call environmentally friendly fertilizing. Not only that, the active ingredients in the liquid fertilizer are put to better use, which saves enormously on chemical fertilizers.

The specially designed Trailing Shoe ensures that any crop residue remains separate on the ground, and is not piled together by the machine. Our durable rubber nozzles distribute the slurry evenly and without blockages. The combination of automatic level adjustment (in the middle frame and both arms) and trailing shoes with individual suspension allow the Bomech machine to adjust to even the most difficult landscape conditions. Despite the wide working width, there is very little traction required to move the machine. Two exact distributors with stone / debris traps ensure even and equal distribution among the whole working width.

Bomech Trailing Shoe Technology was developed with versatile and powerful applications in mind, and our practical product quality has been put to the test for over more than 25 years. High quality Trailing Shoe systems with low maintenance costs which can be used for grass, on farmland, in corn and with cereals! The Bomech Trailing Shoe system is a universal device for each farmer.