About us

Founded in the 1990s by Mr Schurink and Mr Hoek, Bomech B.V. is a Dutch manufacturer of Trailing Shoe systems.

In the early days, Bomech focused on manufacturing small Trailing Shoe systems, as well as sales and maintenance of agricultural equipment. The company picked up speed in 2000, expanding exports of its Trailing Shoe system. Today, it uses its 25 years of experience obtained in the Netherlands to conquer the world market. Bomech now delivers to all European countries, as well as to the US, Canada and New Zealand.

The company headquarters is based in Albergen in the Netherlands. Bomech’s experienced team has engaged and committed employees who really enjoy their work. Our own engineers are involved in the research and development of our products, recently resulting in us designing and building the largest Trailing Shoe system in the world. Every system is manufactured in a modern production hall and undergoes extensive safety tests before being shipped to the customer.

Bomech Trailing Shoe technology has been developed for many different work situations and our practical product quality has been put to the test over the last 25 years. The equipment can be used on grassland, in fields, on corn and cereals, with one investment covering the entire agricultural operation. A Bomech Trailing Shoe system is a universal device with a working width of 5 to 30 metres: perfect for every tank and every customer!