Available Trailing Shoe systems:

  • Farmer 12 metre
  • Farmer 15 metre

The Farmer Trailing Shoe system is a stable and low weight slurry spreader. The Farmer is available with a working width of 12m and 15m. The compact design and a centre of gravity located close to the slurry tank means that the Farmer is well suited for retrofitting. The Farmer can be mounted directly onto the slurry tank, or onto any 3-/4-point linkage. Flexibility guarantees simple installation of the Farmer series

Two exact distributors with integrated cutting units and stone / debris traps ensure precise distribution of the slurry. Hoses are not bent during lifting or folding, and all cylinders have end cushioning. Both features guarantee maximum performance and durability.

Farmer features:

  1. Transport width 2,99m
  2. Total height ca. 3,40m
  3. Tank diameter max. 2,25m
  4. Very lightweight
  5. Automatic level adjustment on the middle frame and on both side arms for optimal contour adjustment
  6. All hydraulic cylinders have end cushioning for maximum performance and gentle folding
  7. Two exact distributor with stone / debris traps
  8. Simple folding alongside the vehicle
  9. Hoses are not bent during lifting or folding and are thus long-lasting
  10. Mechanical or hydraulic automatic section control is optional
  11. It is possible to assemble the electrohydraulic control block in advance
  12. New fully-automatic control system possible, only requires 1xDA
  13. The trailing shoes can be raised, preventing soiling of headlands, streets and agricultural roads
  14. Prepared for 3-/4-point linkage, category 2 or 3
  15. Can drive up to 20 km/h in working position
  16. Easy installation for every tank

Technical Data Farmer 12 Metre

  • Working width 12 m
  • Transport width 2.99 m
  • Weight 1500 kg
  • Hose distance 25 cm
  • No. of outlets 48

Technical Data Farmer 15 Metre

  • Working width 15 m
  • Transport width 2.99 m
  • Weight 1600 kg
  • Hose distance 25 cm
  • No. of outlets 60